Dual booting a Windows PC ?

Trouble No. 002


 “A dual boot system is a computer system in which two operating systems are installed on the same hard drive and can be used side by side.”

After dual booting we can select the OS which we want to use using Boot Manager program.

Before dual booting, MBR (Master Boot Record) is in service instead of Boot Manager.

Requirements :

  1. A windows running PC.
  2. At least 30Gb free space on HDD.
  3. .iso ’ file of the operating system you want to install.
  4. A CD/DVD or a USB drive loaded with Linux (Any OS you want).
  5. External Hard Drive for backup (Sufficient Storage).

Steps for dual booting your PC :

Step 1: Create restore points for a particular date ( Start →Control Panel →System and Security).

Step 2: Backup your data on external Hard drive for safety sake.

Step 3: Partition the Hard Drive using “Disk Management” for Windows PC.

Step 4: Make a USB drive bootable with the OS of your choice.

(Know how to make bootable USB drive.)

Step 5: Go to your BIOS setting by pressing following function keys – F12, Esc, Delete, F10, etc. It may vary as per your PC’s motherboard.

Step 6: Change the “Boot Device Priority” and set USB Drive to 1st position.

Step 7: After this your PC will boot through the new OS. Just follow the instructions and choose correct partition for installing the new OS.

Step 8 : On every boot you will get a message screen prompting for selection of OS. Select the one you want to use and start working !


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