How to make a bootable pen drive ?

Trouble No. 004


Bootable pen drive allows us to install an Operating System on computers without a CD/DVD.

It can be done through Command Prompt and without command prompt as well. But the use of command prompt for any operation is annoying for technical as well as non-technical people.

So, we are going to see how to make a bootable PD without using command prompt.

  • Requirements :

  1. A Pen Drive of storage capacity at least 8Gb.
  2. A windows running PC.
  3. ISO file of an OS which you want to load in PD.
  4. Any s/w among -> Rufus, Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, WiNToBootic,etc.
  • Steps for making a PD bootable :

Step 1: Download & install any of the above mentioned s/w on your PC (let us consider Rufus).

Step 2: Format your PD.

Step 3: Run Rufus and wait for display.

Step 4: Click on Button next to “Free DOS” and provide the path to ISO file of new OS.


Step 5:  Then click on “Start” button for reformatting  & loading ISO on PD.


Step 6: After completion of process, click on “Close” button.

Your Bootable Pen Drive is ready to be used !




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