Data Recovery From Smart Phone

Trouble No. 006



Now a days,everybody has a smartphone. Most importantly we store our data in smartphones. but sometime we may become a victim of data lose.

Now don’t be tense about data lose,because every trouble has a solution.

Solution for data lose in smartphone is 7datarecovery .

It is a data recovery software, which is available on

you can download it for free!!

Follow the steps given below..

Step 1:  Go to, and download it.recovry.jpg

Step 2: Install 7datarecovery suite on your computer, Next connect your smartphone to computer.


Step 3: Scan your phone .


Step 4: Mark Files you want to recover.

Step 5: Finally, click on save option,

You will get your data back!! 🙂

Internet Source: 7datarecovery


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