How to setup environment for android development ?

Trouble No. 007


Before starting android development we need to know about Android and prerequisites for development.

Following are the tools and system configurations that we must have before starting android development.

Tools :

  •   Android Studio, Eclipse (Android Studio is recommended for beginners)
  •   JDK and SDK setup
  •   Emulators like ‘Blue stack’ if you don’t have an android phone.

System requirements for Android Studio :

  •  Windows 7/8/10 (32or 64 bits)
  •  At least 3Gb Ram
  •  4Gb free disk space
  •  Display of minimum 1280 X 800 of resolution

Steps for setting up the environment :

  1.  Install  Android Studio’s .exe file
  2.  Follow the instructions till setup completes
  3.  Then open Android Studio and wait till it starts completely


4.  Then click on ‘SDK Manager ’ in the tool bar


5. Then click on ‘Launch Standalone SDK Manager’ to download required sdk tools


6.  This type of window will popped up, install the packages one-by-one


After doing this much you can start actually developing your android application. After setting up environment  it is recommended to restart your PC.



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