How to speed up your computer with simple methods ?

Trouble No. 008

A fast operating PC is a dream of every user. A fast PC makes its user to spend more time working on it. While, a slower PC always annoys us and reduces our interest in whatever we are doing on it.


In this post, we are going to enlist some extremely easy steps / methods to speed up your PC without any additional installations.

Following are the methods that will help you –


  1. Reduce the s/w that need to run at start-up. For that follow(search “msconfig.exe” -> Start up ->Disable the items you want)


2. Type “%temp%” in search box and hit Enter. Then delete all the files that will be enlisted on screen. This will remove the temporary files and release cache memory.


3. Frequently uninstall the s/w which are not  in use.


4. Keep minimum icons on your desktop, as desktop icons takes extra RAM space.


5. Make use of antivirus to protect your PC from viruses and thus preventing the data                 loss & slower operating speed.


6. If you use internet on your PC then keep erasing browsing data, history, cache and                 cookies regularly.


7. Manage disk space by regularly removing unwanted programs as well as files.


8. Allocate more than sufficient space to C DRIVE as the speed of PC gets affected by the           same.


9. Install “Add blockers” on your browser.


10. In case of extreme slow PCs try to reinstall system and other software.


This is how you can improve your PC performance with the simple steps without any additional installations or purchase.

Take care of your computer, it will take care of yours !


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