How to fix heating problem of android phones ?

Trouble No. 010


Why android phone heats these days too often ?

First of all we need to think of evolution of android phones on the basis of their configurations. Initially there were very few phones having RAM of 512 MB or greater, internal storage was at most 4Gb.

But nowadays the picture has been changed. Currently the phones having RAM less than 1Gb or internal storage less than 8Gb are very rare. The capacity of processor is almost equal to the computers. So, these are the reasons behind heating of android phones this often.

I have enlisted some of the factors that leads to the heating of an android phone.

  • Playing high graphics game for too long :


Whenever we are playing HD graphics games, we are actually using phone’s resources at extreme level. In this case it normal about some phones and you can verify load on your phone’s CPU/processor and its temperature by using heat managing apps


  • Turning on multiple features simultaneously :


This is one of the main reason behind heating of any phone. If we are using several services / features of our phone at a time then it becomes overloading for processor to manage the functionalities related to those features or providing the requested resources to those processes. And as a result the phone starts heating up.

Solution to this is to make sure that you have turned on only those services which you are currently dealing with.

Try to close the apps as soon as you are done working with them to avoid background processing overhead.


  • Using internet / calling during charging :



Using internet while your phone is on charging can cause major damage to your phone’s hardware and your health as well.

Because according to studies it has been proved that the thermal emission from phone is  the highest during charging.


  • Using duplicate / incompatible charger :

We have seen or heard the news about phone’s explosions or battery blasts. This happens because of incompatible use of chargers or broken USB connectors.

Nowadays,  several phones are available with Fast Charge or Turbo Charge facility. This is achieved by modifying charger or phone itself. But, other phones can’t support the high output from these fast charging chargers as they are not designed for such a high voltage. Apparently after connecting your phone to such chargers puts your phone’s battery on fire as it has to intake power beyond its capacity.

So, it is recommended not to connect your phone to incompatible or even any other charger except the one which your phone’s company has provided.


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