How to get access to restricted sites on Wifi networks ?

Trouble No. 012


It’s one of the  frequently faced problem of today’s youth as while surfing on internet through Wifi (Facebook, You tube, etc.). There are some sites whose access is restricted by using third party software or filters like Cyberome.

This happens in case of colleges or technical institutes. But being tech-worms we must find a breakthrough and we have done so too !

There are bunch of software, portals browser extensions to achieve this goal.  I have mentioned some of the confirm solutions as follows :

  • Proxy sites :


Proxy sites is a third party site which can bypass the restriction over sites and let us use them.

User just need to open a separate tab and following URL to the address bar.

Link –(

Then enter the URL of website which you want to visit and hit enter.

The website will be opened.

  • Filter Bypasss :


Filter bypass works on same concept of the Proxy sites.

Just enter following URL in address bar.

Link –(

Then enter the URL of the website which you wish to visit.

Hit enter key and access the site. Simple enough !

  • Betternet :

Betternet is one of the browser extensions  which gives access to blocked or restricted sites.

First of all you need to download the Betternet. Use this link to download it –

Link – (

Install it by following simple instructions.

Then run the program, you can see Betternet logo on right side of task bar.


Click on it. Afterwards click on Connect button and leave rest of things on it.


  • Proxy Fire :


Proxy Fire is same as that of Betternet.

The procedure is also same, download it from following link and then install on your PC.

Link –(

After installation you can use it in trial period and if you are satisfied with it, then you can think about buying it.

After installation you just need to keep it running when you want to use internet.

It will automatically remove the restrictions and give you the access to the sites.


These are some of the best and simple ways to use restricted sites on Wifi networks.

But before accessing restricted sites, we recommend you to first of all think why those sites are restricted & then decide whether you should access them or not !!!




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