How to stream/watch your favorite shows on Android ?

Trouble No. 014



Here are some Free Streaming Applications:

Youtube (Free)


The undisputed giant of online video, YouTube lets you enjoy lots of free content, including some movies and original TV shows from its content creators. Supported by ads, its strong aspect is the huge variety that you can find within it. There is an alternative, called YouTube Red, which is a paid service that offers some advantages like ad-free playback and exclusive content, but even the free alternative is good to kill time. A lot of it.


Crackle (Free)


Crackle is a legal Android streaming app by Sony that lets you browse a good selection of TV shows and movies, which includes new releases and classics. This would be all good were it not for the fact that most streams will have ads among them, so if you hate ads perhaps this app is not for you. If you don’t mind them, you can take advantage of this free legal Android TV app.


Flipps (Free)


This is a free app that lets you stream free content on your Android device. The Flipps Android app is a great Legal Android movie app. Some things can be improved, like connection reliability. The app sometimes lags or disconnects. If you don’t mind the occasional connection issue, you can enjoy the content from this app. You will find HD movies, music and even news with it, so give it a try.


Viewster (Free)


Not exactly a legal Android movie app, but legal anyways. The Viewster Android app lets you stream Anime. If you are an Anime fan, you will find some interesting ones here. Of course, do not expect much, since it is a free app. If you are ready to kill some time, then try Viewster Android app. It also features some movies and TV shows, but these are not its main focus.


SPB TV (Free)


With this app, you will be able to watch more than 200 TV channels on Android. The SPB TV app is one of the legal Android TV apps with the most content. Keep in mind that this is a free app, though, so do not expect top picks. Despite of this fact, SPB TV brings lots of channels from around the world to your device. The content of some channels might not be kid-friendly, so be careful with it.

BBC iPlayer (Free)


Find content from the BBC with this application. BBC iPlayer is a great legal Android TV app to watch content from the BBC, even up to 30 days after it has aired. Some connection issues might be found, but it is overall a good app if you like content from the BBC. Give it a try today, and you can get your favorite shows from that TV broadcaster. This application is free to use.

Some Application needs Subscription, such as

Netflix (Subscription Required)


Possibly the best known legal Android streaming app, Netflix features original content, great streaming quality, as well as a huge library with options for your media center. Being a paid app, most users might be pushed away from trying to use it, however, we could say it’s well worth the spent bucks if you are an avid streamer. New subscribers get one month free, so perhaps you should try it out before deciding towards this option.


Hulu (Subscription Required)


Another paid service, Hulu used to feature free streaming options. Being a paid alternative, Hulu features a great library selection as well as good quality on its streams, however, a monthly fee is charged for the service. Some users praise this app as the best app to stream content. It competes directly with Netflix and Amazon Video.


Amazon Video (Subscription Required)


Another app with original content, lots of movies and TV shows to stream from, Amazon Video offers membership plans that combine and integrate with their other services. A monthly fee is charged for this service, either alone or as part of the Amazon Prime



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