How to create recovery drive in Windows 10 ?

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Creating recovery drive is very important  for the people who use computers for their professional works or daily tasks. Creating a recovery drive is nothing but saving current condition of your computer into a removable drives like CD/DVD or USB Flash drives.

If we are using licence Windows and due to some reason we want to format our PC and reinstall all the programs without losing the data then one of the option is creating a Recovery drive to restore the system settings and programs so that they will run properly and we won’t have to make additional changes according to our needs after formatting.

In this post we are going to show you how to create a recovery drive in windows 10.So, lets take a look at steps that will help you to do so…


Step 1:  You will need a 16/32GB pen drive. If it is empty then its fine, but if it’s not then you have to format it for further procedure.

Remember one thing, the size of PD may vary. It depends on the size of system programs that will be stored in the recovery drive.

Step 2: Go to the Control Panel.


Step 3: Click on All control panel Items.

Step 4: Select the Recovery option.



Step 5: You will see 3 options as –

Open System Restore : To set your computer’s settings and programs to a particular Restore Point to undo the changes.

Configure System Restore : If you want to create new restore points or delete previous ones. Also you can configure and manage the disk space.

Create a Recovery Drive :  We are going to select this option in our case.


Step 6: One window will be opened, click on Next button and wait for a while till next windows comes up.

Step 7: Now select the USB Flash drive from the list and click on Next button.


Step 8: Now the process of copying system files to the recovery drive will start. Wait till the process finishes and then remove the drive.

Now you can use this drive whenever you need to recover your PC by booting through this drive.



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