Which are the alternative Open Source software for Windows software ?

Trouble No. 018


                     Hello guys, In this post we are going to enlist the Open Source software those are equivalents of Windows Software.

                     As in last 1-2 decades the growth of Linux based operating systems was remarkable. So many of the technological giants and several institutions prefer these OS because of their high security and virus free nature.

                     So, we thought about difficulties that anyone who turned to Linux user from a Windows user. The very first problem was lack of knowledge of the Linux based application software. People still have no clear idea about which software they can use in Linux as Windows Media Player or MS PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop.

                     So, lets take a look at following list which will help you selecting Linux based / Open source application software which are equivalent to those of Windows software…

Sr.No Windows App Open Source App
1. Microsoft Office Kingsoft, OpenOffice, Calligra, Siag Office, Libre Office
2. MS Word OOWriter, AbiWord, KWord, LaTeX
3. MS PowerPoint OOImpress
4. MS Access OOCalc, KSpread,gnumeric
5. MS Acces,Foxpro, dBase Kexi, OOBase
6. Notepad, Wordpad Vim, KWrite, Kate, BlueFish, Gedit, Joe, Sublime Text, Leafpad, Nano
7. Microsoft Project Manager Imendio Planner, MOOS Project Viewer, MrProject
8. Outlook Kontact, BALSA, Thunderbird + Lightning, Sunbird
9. Nero K3b,XCDRoast
10. Adobe Photoshop,Corel Photo-Paint, GIMP, GIMPShop GIMP, GIMPShop, Krita, Pixel, LightZone
11. Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator Inkscape
12. 3D Studio MAX, Blender, Maya Blender, Maya, Softimage, K-3D
13. Windows Media Player, PowerDVD MPlayer, Xine, Totem, Kaffeine, VLC
14. Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements,Multiquence Cinelerra , KDenlive , Blender,LiVES, Kino, AviDemux
15. 7-Zip, Winzip, Winrar Karchiver, File Roller, ark, hjsplit
16. Audacity, Cubase Ardour, Rosegarden, Audacity, GNUsound, Beast
17. Matlab Matlab, Octave, SciLab, Sage, KAlgebra
18. Skype Skype, Linphone, OPenwenGo, Ekiga
19. Azureus, utorrent Azureus, Qtorrent, Ktorrent, bittornado
20. MSN Messenge PidgIn, Kopete, aMSN, Emesene (MSN), Centericq
21. Microsoft Netmeeting Gnomemeeting
22. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader, Xpdf, Kpdf, Ghostview, Evince
23. Google Earth Google Earth, Celestia, Stellarium, Marble, Geody
24. IIS, Apache Apache, Engine-X, lighttpd
25. Norton Ghost Partition Image, g4u, Mondo, dd

                     We hope this will help you working on Linux based operating system with the same comfort as that of Windows. Like, comment and share the post if it helped you !


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