How to recover MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel files?

Trouble No. 19

Have you ever had a trouble with MS Office files that you cannot able to open? Or it might happen that you lost document completely?

Not to worry anymore, We always here to solve your problems. 🙂

How to restore damaged or corrupt MS Word documents

Recovering the damaged or corrupt MS Word files isn’t something that any conventional data recovery software can accomplish. For this, you need to use some special tool. Here, I’m going to tell you about an easy-to-use tool that repairs such files.

Phoenix Word Repair recovers .doc and .docx files without changing the original text, images, fonts, headers, footers, and links.

During the Word document repair process, after the completion of the scan, you’ll see three different previews of your document — ‘Full document’, ‘Filtered Text’, and ‘RAW Text’.


Steps to recover the file:


  1. Just select the corrupt MS Word file that is to be repaired. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Add File’ icon on the ‘File’ ribbon.
  2. To repair the file, one needs to check the file in the tree view. From the ‘File’ ribbon, click on the ‘Save’ icon. To use the advanced option, select ‘Advance Repair.’

How to repair damaged or corrupt MS Excel Worksheets

Just like getting back MS Word files in their original condition is a tough task, one is also left with few options in case of Excel files. In such situations, Phoenix Excel Repair software turns out to be pretty useful. It’s an efficient tool for repairing inaccessible and corrupt MS Excel files, .xls and .xlsx. Here, I’m going to tell you how to recover and repair these files without altering charts, tables, cell comments, formulas, images, etc.


This powerful MS Excel repair software fixes all common corruption issues like the unrecognizable format, unreadable content, etc.

There’s also a convenient option for a batch repair of Excel file simultaneously. This saves lots of time. The tool comes with a standard explorer-style UI for previewing the recovery results.



How to repair damaged or corrupt MS PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is our only choice when we need to create some presentation for office or school. Sometimes, our hard work turns out to be futile when our presentation file gets corrupted. In such cases, Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair tool turns out to be pretty useful.


It’s a potent and professional tool for repairing the corrupt PowerPoint files. Your file has got all different kinds of PowerPoint objects like forms, modules, tables, controls, VBA code, comments, hyperlinks, etc.? Well, you don’t need to worry — Phoenix repair tool has got you covered.

This software resolves PowerPoint corruption errors and helps you recover the inaccessible PowerPoint data. The Batch-Recovery option helps you restore multiple files in one go and save time.




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