How to track location of stolen / lost android phone ?

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How to track location of stolen / lost android phone ?


Hello, everyone !

Today we are going to explain how to tackle the problem in the modern age by using the internet. These days almost everyone is having Android Smart Phone with lots of features, stylish looks, and big cost. These things attract users all over the world to buy such expensive and hi-tech devices. But thief might get attracted too!

It is upon skills of a thief and careless attitude of users, we can’t do anything about that. But what after our phone gets stolen?

We can’t wait for the thief to realize his mistake and return our device, right! So, we are going to tell you how to actually identify the location of your stolen or lost smartphone!

Steps :

First of all its mandatory to have your Google account sync. with your device. Always make it a habit of syncing your device with your accounts for such scenario.

Now, your phone is stolen and you want to track it! So now login to your Google account and go to Settings.



Select “My Account” Option.


Scroll down and select “ Find your phone ” option.


Now you can all the devices that you have synced with your Google account.


Select the one which you want to track or locate.

You have to re-enter your password for security issues.

Here, you will get following options –



                Lock phone

And,  Erase




Ring:     By selecting this option you can send a 5-minute ring with full volume to your phone so that you can hear it if you misplaced the device in the room or in class.

Locate: You can get the actual location of your device by this option.

Lock:     You can lock your phone completely by setting a password. You have to enter a contact number so that if you have lost your phone and hoping someone to return it. After setting contact number your phone will be locked and a screen prompting your number and a message will be displayed, that person can easily contact you!

Erase:   With this option, you can perform All Factory Reset on your device. Data on SD Card will not be erased, though. This is possible if your device is online, but if it is not then it will be done as long as the device goes online.

In this way, you can track or find your Android Phone. Perhaps try to keep it safely with you all the time and be careful.



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